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Haikyuu!! Review

Do you want to know about my viewpoint of this anime? I truly freaking lvoe this Haikyuu!! I need to preface this by saying, I a not a sports anime enthusiast. It is one of the last genres I look to since I have dropped over I’ve seen, which means that I am extremely biased.

Note: This is the first season review. If you want to read second season review, you can go to certains website like MAL, Fandompost or Anime Bibly. I find from Anime Bibly and their review is quite useful.


The story in Haikyuu! Is can amazes me most possible. It is all volleyball, volleyball, and volleyball yet I am never sick and tired with it. A relationships between the players develops in all may elements. The relationships between players as teammates, friends, students in different school yeras, and as a team against other teams. In between is volleyball, at every single corner is volleyball. This is honestly a volleyball surge. But you truly see the story behind why the characters love it. How the love developed and how musch of themselves with their past they have put into the game. What torment and victory they feel from the game.


The artwork is quite good, a solid 8, but far for the best ever. It truly works to highlight the fluidity of movement throughout sports play. It is not excessive or over the top, so it is a little bit quiet with how fantastic it is. I guess the best proof of how good the artwork is when you are looking at someone on the other side of the net, and player is basically melding into the net, but it does not look creepy or weird at all.


The sound can be what gets me. It is really powerful but just like the art, it is not over the top. A particular sound happens and you know something is about to go down, like an awesome move. A particular tune plays and you know you are about to see someone who is a worthy opponent. It truly highlights the mood. Also the sports sounds like squeak of shoes on a gym floor, the smack of the ball, even a sound of the ball slicing thorugh the air would make everything more awesome.


Haikyuu! Does a truly wonderful job of developing the characters. You know what each character’s personality is like. What their own role is on the team and court. Even the additional character that are on the bench, you really feel it and get connected to them even if they are not the ones playing in the game and match.


I personally love Haikyuu! So much. I will state it here, that this is the very first time for me that I liked an anime much more that the original manga it’s adapted from.

Post by 1hw0orderrulide (2017-02-02 20:11)

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